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【Discover】Throttle controller of Tesla Model 3

2021/0528 Shadow

Since Tesla was put on sale in the car market, the performance of electric vehicles has always been the focus of car fans. Coupled with the new energy concept and various cool technology blessings, Tesla's reputation and sales have skyrocketed in recent years.

Tesla Model 3

As a manufacturer of electrical modification products, AUTO JAW CO. , LTD must be ahead of the market in terms of R&D and sensitivity, and make full use of the professional advantages of electronic products. This is why the dedicated throttle controller for Tesla was born!
Since the electronic throttle controller can improve the acceleration linearity of fuel vehicles and eliminate the problem of throttle lag, it is very popular on the market. For Tesla, the electronic throttle controller can further improve the acceleration performance from 0 to 100km in 3.3 second. The throttle speed curve can also be changed by the EC mode and obtain a better vehicle control.

With the successful development of Tesla’s dedicated throttle controller experience, we will not only continue to experiment, make breakthroughs in more products but also keep extending more safe and reliable kits that can be used on electric vehicles and gasoline vehicles. AUTO JAW takes the non-destructive installation and user-friendly operation interface as the core of the product, which can eliminates the pressure while using the product and increases the fun in driving.

Electronic throttle controller can be used for Tesla

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