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Based in Taiwan, AUTO JAW CO., LTD., since 2004, is a racing gauge and automobile meter manufacturer in the automotive electronics industry. Main product, including Racing Gauge, Boost Gauge, Electronic Throttle Controller, Digital Electronic Boost Controller, Chip Tuning, Turbo Timer, OLED Multi Display, OBD2 Digital Display and so forth.

99.43% in product yield rate, major in automotive electronic modification and reverse engineering. All automobile meters and gauges are manufactured with a series of tests, ranging from environmental simulation test, accuracy correction, actual vehicle test, programming test and assembly test.

Shadow has been offering customers high-quality Racing Gauges & Automobile Meters since 2004, both with advanced technology and 16 years of experience, Shadow ensures each customer's demands are met.

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  • Professional Electronic Racing Gauges Display
    Professional Electronic Racing Gauges Display

    Driver generally needs to obtain the current related-information through the dashboard in order to monitor and judge the speed, fuel storage, safe heat dissipation etc. AUTO JAW is committed to developing professional electronic racing gauges display to expand more information that is valuable. Professional electronic racing gauges display not only adopt with high-specification displayer to process the core, but also use weather-resistant and waterproof sensor that up to 4000 micro steps to show the information of water tank temperature, lubricating oil temperature, lubricating oil pressure, turbocharging, exhaust temperature, fuel pressure and battery voltage quickly and accurately. Monitor vehicle data to ensure vehicle performance and safety.

  • Professional Electronic Racing Gauges
    Professional Electronic Racing Gauges

    Shadow electronic racing gauges adopt digital imitation and analogy technology to make the pointer sensitive and able to point to the accurate data. Compared with the traditional analog circuit design, the pointer movement and data accuracy of the Shadow racing gauges greatly surpassed the traditional gauges. With the input processing of the Shadow sensor, the signal source does not pass through other media of the vehicle body to keep the signal clean and reduce the error of the electronic gauges. By adjusting the LED six-segment dimming system, Shadow electronic racing gauges are not only clearly visible in the dark but also not afraid of the reflection of the sun when it is sunny. It can be ensured that users can easily read the data without affecting driving safety. The minimalist design of the gauges’ outer aluminum frame also increases the overall texture of the product.

  • Water Temperature Racing Gauge
    Water Temperature Racing Gauge

    Shadow water temperature racing gauge has sensitive pointers which can provide accurate water temperature at any time and prevent the water tank from overheating. The precise scale is matched with the LED six-segment dimming system, allowing users to recognize clearly without disturbing the driving sight. With the dynamic meter stand, users can adjust the best viewing angle to see the information. The unique orange aluminum ring design of the Shadow electronic racing gauges not only increases product recognition, but also replaces the traditional sleeve-type feet to increase heat dissipation efficiency.

  • Turbo Boost Racing Gauge
    Turbo Boost Racing Gauge

    Turbo boost racing gauge can monitor the working status of turbo by the pressure value in the intake manifold. Turbochargers can introduce more air for engine combustion to increase vehicle performance and fuel efficiency. In the turbocharge system, the air flow rapidly. The internal program of the turbo boost racing gauge must also be able to quickly respond to the high-speed dynamic turbocharging characteristics, so it is necessary to have a sensitive sensor while choosing the gauge.

  • Fuel Pressure Racing Gauge
    Fuel Pressure Racing Gauge

    Fuel Pressure electronic racing gauge adopts common specifications of racing gauges 1/8NPT thread gauge. Special electronic copper temperature sensor with anti-leak coating. Install the sensor to measure the fuel pressure. Fuel Pressure electronic racing gauge measurement range is from 0 Bar to 6 Bar (0 PSI to 80 PSI). With IP-66 waterproof rating, it can also withstand a high temperature to 200°C.

  • Exhaust Gas Temperature Racing Gauge
    Exhaust Gas Temperature Racing Gauge

    Exhaust Temperature electronic racing gauge adopts common specifications of racing gauges 1/8NPT thread gauge. Two-wire (independent ground) exhaust temperature sensor.

  • Voltage Racing Gauge
    Voltage Racing Gauge

    Voltage electronic racing gauge using micro-control technology to resolve the pointer movement angle of 270 degrees into 4088 micro steps. It can detect subtle voltage changes. The vehicle power system is connected in series to monitor the battery voltage. Voltage electronic racing gauge measurement range is 8V ~ 18V. The battery voltage must be maintained at 13V before start up the vehicle. If the voltage is too low, then it will need to check about the battery life.

  • Water Temperature Sensor Adaptor
    Water Temperature Sensor Adaptor

    Water Temperature Sensor Adaptor, also known as Radiator Hose Tee Fittings are the accessories of the water temperature electronic racing gauge. Used in the engine radiator hose and measure the coolant temperature by the temperature sensor. Since the inner diameter of the hose is different for each car, we developed several sizes includes 28mm,30mm,32mm,34mm,36mm,38mm and 40mm. Available in Europeans and American car brands: AUDI, BMW, MERCEDESBENZ, MINI,OPEL,PORSCHE,SEAT,SKODA, SMART, VOLKSWAGEN, ACURA, ALFA ROMEO, FORD, DODGE,FIAT, JAGUAR,CHEVROLET。 Asian car brands: TOYOTA,HONDA,NISSAN,MITSUBISHI,SURBARU,MAZDA,LEXUS,INFINITI,SUZUKI,DAIHATSU,ISUZU

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