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Electric Exhaust Valve Controller QA

Q1: What car models can it support? Why do I need to install?

A: It can support vehicle which use factory valve or aftermarket valve.
A: It can control the valve on/off according to your needs.

Q2: Can it be installed as long as the exhaust pipe has a valve?

A: Since the valve operation needs to be read and controlled through the OBD2 signal, the vehicle must have an OBD2 plug.
A: It supports vacuum valve and electric valve mechanism, but not for exhaust valve (cable type).

Q3: How to install? Will it break the original car wiring set?

A: It is plug and play. It won't have any damage on the car and won’t cause the engine light on.
1. Plug in the OBD2 plug and connect it to the main unit of the valve controller (aftermarket valve style will require an extra power cord to the controller).
2. Fix the controller, there is not limited on the position.
3. Run the signal wire from the inside of the car through the chassis and connect to the plug of the exhaust valve.
4. Set the remote control pairing.
5. Complete the installation.

Q4: How to operate? How to judge what mode is it now?

A: If the control box is installed in a visible position, it can be interpreted by the change of light color.

Q5: How is it different from other exhaust controllers on the market?

1. In addition to ON and OFF, Shadow electronic exhaust controller II has an Auto mode, which reads the ECU signal through OBD2. It can correspond to different effects according to the status of different vehicles and enhance the performance of the vehicle.
2. If you are the vehicle with original factory valve model, you can also choose the original factory mode, which goes through the bypass loop without intervening at all.
It has the following effects in Auto mode:
1. Driving status: The valve can be automatically opened and closed according to the preferences.
2. Activation state: When activated, the valve will instantly turn ON→OFF, creating a ferocious sound wave effect when activated, which is full of ritual.

Q6: Can the valve only control fully open and fully closed? Can the opening be adjusted?

A: The current design is only fully open ON and fully closed OFF, and different opening adjustment modes will be added in the future.

Q7: What does the Auto mode automatically open the valve based on? How to set it?

A: according to rpm、speed or boost, It can be customized the ON/OFF timing through the application.

Q8: Can I select multiple modes to use at the same time in Auto mode?

A: In AUTO mode, only one condition can be selected at a time (Speed or RPM or Boost value) as the basis for valve opening, and multiple conditions cannot be satisfied at the same time.

Q9: Does it has a memory function? I am afraid it will be too loud when the valve is on, and will disturb others when it is started late at night.

A: The controller has a memory function, if it is OFF before turning off, it will be OFF next time it is started.

Q10: Will there be interference problems if I use the OBD2 adapter cable to connect other products at the same time?

A: If it is connected with other brand devices at the same time, it is uncertain whether there will be interference.
But if it is connected with Shadow's own products such as OBD2 diagnostic multi-function display (D-meter2), electronic throttle controller (E-DRIVE 4S), etc., it can coexist perfectly without interfering with each other.

Q11: My car has two valves, can the valve controller correspond?

A: By distributing the power and signal lines to two valves, the same set of electronic valve controllers can be used to control the two valves simultaneously.

Q12: What is the difference between Lite and auto?

A: Lite can only be turned on and off manually. Auto can be set to automatically turn on and off according to the rpm or turbo boost value or the speed.

Q13: Can the opening angle of valve be set?

A: Angle cannot be set.

Q14: Is it possible to test function by just plugging in the power rather in the obd?

A: Yes!

Q15: How to connect and pair to APP? Does it need to connect every time?

Scan QR code or go to http://onelink.to/q5mufh to free download APP.
You will need to connect and pair for the first time. The password is “1111”. There is no need to set up after pairing.


Q16: What is the function of APP?

APP could adjust the value of Auto mode.


Another function

DTC Code clear OBD2

valve controller Default setting

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Electric Exhaust Valve Controller QA | Oil Pressure Adaptor | Boost Sensor Adaptor Manufacturer | Shadow

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