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Digital Electronic Boost Controller

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Digital Electronic Boost Controller Supplier | Shadow

Based in Taiwan, AUTO JAW CO., LTD., since 2004, is a racing gauge and automobile meter manufacturer in the automotive electronics industry. Main product, including Racing Gauge, Boost Gauge, Electronic Throttle Controller, Digital Electronic Boost Controller, Chip Tuning, Turbo Timer, OLED Multi Display, OBD2 Digital Display and so forth.

99.43% in product yield rate, major in automotive electronic modification and reverse engineering. All automobile meters and gauges are manufactured with a series of tests, ranging from environmental simulation test, accuracy correction, actual vehicle test, programming test and assembly test.

Shadow has been offering customers high-quality Racing Gauges & Automobile Meters since 2004, both with advanced technology and 16 years of experience, Shadow ensures each customer's demands are met.

Digital Electronic Boost Controller


Digital Electronic Boost Controller can quickly switch to change mode.
Digital Electronic Boost Controller can quickly switch to change mode.

Digital Electronic Boost Controller use electronic control 48 times/sec high-frequency solenoid valve to release gas pressure with whole new computing boost technology, Duty value and Gain value can be set to control the physical properties of Actuator/Wastegate. In addition to the overpressure cutoff protection mechanism, Digital Electronic Boost Controller can also release the pressure when it reaches to the setting value. Moreover, an air-fuel ratio cutoff function is also added to the system, which can connect to the AFR sensor and set the AFR value. It will release the gas pressure to protect the engine when detect the AFR is too thin. A user-defined formula for air-fuel ratio is also added.

Digital Electronic Boost Controller adapt with 110 x 64px OLED technology aqua color display screen and 2.8cm aluminum alloy knob. The user interface is optimized for operation, and the menu design is intuitive and quick to respond from setting values to calibration.


  • Support Actuator and Wastegate mainstream turbocharging systems.
  • Ultra-high frequency solenoid valve, precise control of air pressure relief.
  • The right-hand drive operation interface can be switched.
  • OLED display screen enhances visual effects.
  • Combine with turbo gauge to monitor and adjust turbocharging at any time.


  • The air-fuel ratio meter can be expanded to detect and set the lean combustion pressure relief mechanism.
  • Adjust the Duty value to increase the maximum instantaneous pressure, breaking the original factory booster limit.
  • Adjust the Gain value and pull up the pressure-holding curve, to increase the turbo beneficial time.
  • Pressure forced to relief mechanism to ensure the safety of turbo and engine.


Display Size2.6 inch
Display Cable100cm
Solenoid Cable200cm
Sensor Cable220cm
Silicone TubeInner Diameter 4mm
Outer Diameter 8mm / 50cm
O2 Sensor Cable10cm


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