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I-BOOST tuning box QA

Q1: What kind of car can be changed to I-BOOST tuning box?

A: As the name suggests, i-BOOST is Turbo Boost, which is mainly developed for the new generation of turbo vehicles.
We have a series of car models, if you have development needs, you can also contact us further.

Q2: If there is an internal computer, can I change it to I-BOOST tuning box?

A: It is not recommended to install it at the same time! Since the setting value of i-BOOST corresponds to the original ECU, the engine tuning is already quite significant. If the original ECU has been flashed, it is not recommended to install i-BOOST again to avoid overcrowded engines.

Q3: Will the I-BOOST tuning box have any sequelae to the engine or gearbox?

A: No, because the original i-BOOST program is only adjusted for ECU signal feedback, and its power gain range is fully operated under the original protection mechanism.

Q4: What are the advantages and disadvantages of I-BOOST tuning box and ECU reflash?

A1: I-BOOST tuning box
Pros: Fast installation, does not affect the original factory warranty.
Cons: Because there is no protection mechanism for rewriting the original ECU, the range of power gain is relatively limited.

A2: ECU reflash
Pros: The program range is large, and the power can be increased by a large margin.
Disadvantage: The flashing process is risky, and the warranty will be lost if there is a flashing record.

Q5: Will modifying i-BOOST void the warranty?

A: No, it is completely non-destructive installation. If there is a warranty requirement, the cable set can be removed to restore the original factory.

Q6: Can i-BOOST be adjusted by itself? Or is there a mode switch?

A: i-BOOST tuning requires professional equipment and experience. In order to ensure safety, the i-BOOST program is not open and users can adjust it by themselves. The four power modes of Street / Sport / Race / Normal are preset at the factory, and the driving can be switched at any time according to preferences and needs.

Q7: Can it be installed by DIY? Is there anything to pay attention to?

A: You can DIY, but some sensors are installed in a hidden location, and you may need to jack the car or remove the surrounding area
, The difficulty of installation varies from car to car.

Q8: Is there an improved exhaust that can be used? Do I need to rewrite the program?

A: i-BOOST has the ability to actively fine-tune the program, and can learn according to different intake and exhaust hardware modifications.
There is no need to rewrite the program. If there is a major modification or special needs, you can also contact us for special modificaed of the program.

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I-BOOST tuning box QA | Oil Pressure Adaptor | Boost Sensor Adaptor Manufacturer | Shadow

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