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Electronic Boost Controller QA

Q1: There is no image or movement when the power is on.

A: Power wiring or contact is poor. Please make sure the red and orange wires are +12V. Black and yellow wires are connected to ground.

Q2: Warning voice keeps beeping.

A: 1. Warning value was set under the current pressure. Please check if the correct warning value is selected.
2. Poor contact of MAP sensor circuit. Please confirm whether the MAP sensor and wire are properly connected.

Q3: Boost pressure value cannot reach to the setting value in acceleration.

A: 1. The boost pressure value you set exceeds the working range of the turbo. This is an electronic pressure controller which cannot work lower or higher than the working range of the turbo engine.
2. The movement of the actuator/wastegate is abnormal. Unable to shut off wastegate completely which may cause unstable boost pressure. Please check the movement is normal or not.
3. The pressure pipe between turbo and engine are poorly connected. There is a pressure relief situation in the turbo and engine pressure pipes, which causes the pressure to not rise steadily.

Q4: Boost value cannot be increased.

A: Poor contact of pressure sensor circuit. Please confirm whether the pressure sensor and wire are properly connected.

Q5: Unable to show the correct boost pressure after using for a period of time.

A: 1. Vacuum hose broken. Please check if the vacuum pipe connected to the engine, sensor, valve and wastegate is leaking or incorrectly connected.
2. MAP sensor broken/ Different altitude. When DEBC II produces atmospheric pressure error due to its altitude and cannot display the correct value, you can click the calibration function to reset the pressure value to zero.
(1) Turn on the power(AC C) but do not start the engine.
(2) Enter D E B C setting, select C A L I B.
(3) After selecting and clicking Y E S, complete the calibration and return to zero.

Q6: The boost pressure suddenly increased greatly which exceeded the original setting in acceleration.

A: 1. Poor contact with solenoid. Please check if the solenoid and the extension wires are connected, damaged or broken.
2. Poor contact with MAP sensor. Please check if the MAP sensor wiring is connected correctly.
3. Vacuum pipe is broken. Please check if the vacuum hose connected to the engine, sensor, valve and wastegate is leaking or incorrectly connected.
4. Wastegate works irregularly. Please confirm whether the operation of the exhaust pressure relief valve is normal, and whether there is a normal pressure relief sound.

Q7: Can the O2 signal wire connect to ECU?

A: O2 sensor is divided into wide area and narrow area. Vehicles need to be wide area to use, and the O2 sensor voltage correspondence table must be known. Therefore, it is recommended to buy an external air-fuel ratio meter on the market.

Q8: Plug in OBD2?

A: No need!

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Electronic Boost Controller QA | Oil Pressure Adaptor | Boost Sensor Adaptor Manufacturer | Shadow

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