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Digital Electronic Boost Controller can quickly switch to change mode | Shadow has top R&D technology and one-stop R&D management process.

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Along With Shadow.Gonna Be Remarkable.

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Shadow Digital Electronic Boost Controller | Digital Electronic Boost Controller Manufacturer | Shadow

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Shadow has been providing customers with high performance race car electronics gauges since 2004, both with advanced technology and 20 years of experience, Shadow ensures that each customer's needs are met.

Shadow Digital Electronic Boost Controller


DEBC II electronic boost controller

Digital Electronic Boost Controller can quickly switch to change mode
Digital Electronic Boost Controller can quickly switch to change mode

Shadow digital electronic boost controller can set two sets of boost modes with different values and a set of original factory modes. By quickly switching these three modes to adjust turbocharging, it effectively improves engine performance and increases horsepower. The built-in forced pressure relief mechanism and the display interface provide the functions of monitoring and protecting the turbine, which is the most suitable modification for the turbo vehicle.

Digital electronic boost controller can quickly switch to change mode.

Shadow digital electronic boost controller enhances engine performance

Shadow digital electronic boost controller uses a high-frequency solenoid valve to precisely control the combustion gas flow in the engine. By increasing the pressure to increase the air intake, the vehicle dynamics will also respond positively, effectively increasing engine performance. The vehicle can easily obtain power by this fine tuning controller. Compared with the previous manual adjustment of the engine, the owner of the turbo vehicle can more conveniently perform the turbo adjustment.

DEBC2 contains Mechanical Boost Controller, BOOST Gauge, AFR Gauge

The difference between digital electronic turbine controller and turbo pressure regulator

Solenoid is the control unit of the digital electronic boost controller which can be applied to the internal and external Wastegate. Through the controller, it can change the solenoid valve gas passage and pressure. It can also monitor the pressure through the display and dynamically adjust the dyno tune at any time.
◆Feedback unit:
Obtained the intake pressure through pressure sensor and send back to the operation display to calculate and monitor the current pressure value.
◆User interface unit:
Allow the user to adjust the setting of the initial pressure, the expected boost range and the discharge pressure value.
◆Control unit:
To control the frequency of the solenoid valve and the gas flow direction in each stage of the turbo.

4 kinds of Turbocharging,TWO sets of boost control,AFR reader function.


The Shadow digital electronic boost controller records the maximum value of the turbo in time, and has three display modes such as waveform, light bar, and number to display the turbocharge value simultaneously. Equipped with an OLED display interface, the driver can clearly and intuitively interpret turbocharge information without being disturbed by light.


  • Support Actuator and Wastegate mainstream turbocharging systems.
  • Ultra-high frequency solenoid valve, precise control of air pressure relief.
  • The right-hand drive operation interface can be switched.
  • OLED display screen enhances visual effects.
  • Combine with turbo gauge to monitor and adjust turbocharging at any time.


Digital electronic boost controller Interior


  • The air-fuel ratio meter can be expanded to detect and set the lean combustion pressure relief mechanism.
  • Adjust the Duty value to increase the maximum instantaneous pressure, breaking the original factory booster limit.
  • Adjust the Gain value and pull up the pressure-holding curve, to increase the turbo beneficial time.
  • Pressure forced to relief mechanism to ensure the safety of turbo and engine.
  • There are three display modes--waveform, light bar and number, which can visually display the value of the supercharger.
  • You can set two sets of boost modes with different values and one set of original factory modes.

Digital electronic boost controller Specification

Digital electronic boost controller Button Function

Shadow Digital electronic boost controller Contents


Display Size2.6 inch
Display Cable100cm
Solenoid Cable200cm
Sensor Cable220cm
Silicone TubeInner Diameter 4mm
Outer Diameter 8mm / 50cm
O2 Sensor Cable10cm

DEBC II Operation introduction

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