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[Exhaust Temp. Meter] Racing instrument always in warning state.
Warning criteria was set below current exhaust temp.

Make sure the setting of warning criteria according to the above "keyboard operating list" and choose appropriate one.

[Speedometer] Engine rpm failed to display.
Engine rpm signal error or signal wiring error.

Check again if rpm wiring in correct connection.

Cylinder setting error

Check again if cylinder setting is correct.

Engine malfunction lamp lights up.
Dismantle connector before power completely disconnected.

Refer to engine malfunction lamp elimination method.

Without initial setting after installation completed.

Please setup throttle opening according to initial setting, then follow engine malfunction lamp lighting up elimination to turn it off.

No display or action after turn on the switches.
Poor contact of OBD II connector.

Power in direct connection of +12V, poor contact of cabling or negative.
Poor contact of special car connector. Poor contact of special car connector to device.
Please further check if every connector and terminal is connected firmly.

Err appears at initial setting.
Setting error at initial setting.

Please setup the throttle opening according to initial setting.

Display regulator opening when device shut down.
It is the signal from ex-factory setting.

It is normal without worry.

The elimination of engine malfunction lamp lighting up.
Please follow the below steps to eliminate the engine malfunctions lamp lighting up due to incomplete installation and operation.
  1. Start and shut down engine with normal procedure for several times, and then it will be eliminated automatically.
  2. If step #1 failed, disconnect the negative of battery about 10 min. then reconnect.
  3. If step #1 and #2 failed, please use special purpose machine in checking the vehicle circuit and eliminate error lamp.

No display or action after turn on the switches.
+12V Poor Connection

Check connections of red, yellow and blue wires Check +12V or IG in correct connection.

Negative (-) Poor Contact

Check black wire connection Check if connected to the correct or suitable grounded place.

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