E-DRIVE ADVANCE 4 Throttle Controller

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Product Feature


  • Full adoption of digital signal output for more accurate correspondence to the original car accelerator signal.
  • Three modes and 17 adjustable stage accelerator response speed.
  • Nine-stage Po power mode suitable for mountain roads and competition purposes; very sensitive accelerator response.
  • Seven-stage EC-saving mode suitable for urban driving for effective reduction of fuel consumption.
  • Simple and fast dedicated wiring installed in the vehicles.
  • New start-slip function allows easy start even in low friction terrain.
  • Power outage memory function retains the previously set stage number after the engine is re-started.
  • Reverse and restore function triggers the accelerator to return to the original mode when switching to the reverse.

Product Specification

Technical Information

  • Preset Voltage: 12 V
  • Preset Current: 20mA / 0.25W