1.5bar boost

Product Description
Our latest racing gauge PRO3 has now available. Two versions of turbo gauge for different car user (1.5 bar and 3.0 bar). All new BLDC motor provides high speed performance. Highly craft for professional racing gauge with smooth movement and excellence.

Product Feature

All new BLDC motor. One second makes 3.5 circles. Extremely low friction and high speed erformance provides quiet operation.PRO3 provides you the joyful ride and reliable information.

PERFECT PIVOT support the balance of the movment.
Apart from high speed motor, we upgrade our software for better tuning. Stepper motor with 864 steps/revolution 270°. Highly craft for professional race gauge with smooth movement and excellence.

TWO BACKLIGHT mode selection.
The gauge is equipped with 12 LED and dual colors for back light. We makes the light displayed equally on each corner. User can adjust the brightness (6 modes) and darness (6 modes) according to their needs.

Shadow PRO3 facilitate with self-detective function. Gauge will automatically detect the sensor’s signal and gives the sign to the driver.

Anodizing shot blasting for gauge body. Pass anticollision testing.To deal all road condition. We upgrade our construction spec for longer life expand.

DEFINE BEAUTY. Start from here.
Shadow's orange metal ring makes the gauge stands out in tuning market. No matter the hairpin turn or rough road, the metal ring would be albe to hold the gauge safely. The flowing lines, elegant structure and unique craft convys uncomproming spirit.
Product Specification
Tech Info
default voltage:12V
default current:70mA/0.84W
Boost Sensor:5V