Sport Meter Pro 2

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Technical Information:
Default Voltage: 12 Volts
Default Current: 20 MA / 0.3 Watts
By using three-core chip to make it be power saving and durable is the further evolution of circuit design.
The new pressure sensor is with the better temperature and oil resistant and high accuracy.
All sensor connectors are waterproof design which can pass the signal accurately.
With the new series function, could be easily installed and time saving.
Functions: self-diagnosis on start-up or shut-down, sensor interruption self-diagnosis, peak value recording, warning.
Equipped with high-performance thin stepping motor within 270° at resolution of 3240 steps.
Adopts high illumination LED: uniform illumination, long life cycle, high stability and good user recognition.

Water Temp GaugeSW11300-20
Oil Temp GaugeSW11301-20
Oil Press GaugeSW11302-20
Boost Gauge (TURBO)SW11303-20
Intake Manifold Press Gauge (Vacuum Gauge)SW11304-20
Exhaust Temp Gauge (EGT)SW11305-20
Voltage GaugeSW11306-20
Tachometer (RPM)SW11307-20
Fuel Press GaugeSW11308-20