Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Trouble Shooting - Electronic Throttle Controller

Q1: How to find the position of Shadow electronic throttle sensor connector correctly?

You can find the 6pin Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor connector directly above or on the side of the accelerator pedal.

Q2: How to know that the vehicle is able to install Shadow electronic throttle controller or not?

Shadow EDRIVE 4S electronic throttle controller is suitable for 96% of the current electronic throttle cars on the market. You can follow the steps in Q1 to find the OEM electronic connector and unplug it. Photograph the characteristics of the connector and send an inquiry letter to or use the inquiry system on the website to check what harness you should use on your vehicle.

Q3:Number is flashing and cannot switch the mode normally.

The setting has not been completed, please re-operate. When the countdown resets from 0 to "L", please confirm again that you have released the MODE button to complete the setting.


Q4: There is no light on the display when the ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control) is on.

1. Please check whether the connector is properly connected or not. The accelerator pedal connector must not be loose or dropped.
2. Incorrect harness cannot detect the electrical signal correctly. Please contact the shop to remove and replace the harness.

Q5:After install Shadow throttle controller, the check engine light is on.

1. Please make sure to install or remove the electronic throttle controller when the vehicle is turned off or without power.
2. Shadow electronic throttle controller has not been set completely, please refer to the instruction manual for details.

Q6: Shadow throttle controller does not shut down synchronously after the vehicle is turned off.

After the vehicle is turned off, the ECU will still run for 3 to 5 minutes before powering off. The electronic throttle controller is in the circuit of the ECU, so it will shut down synchronously with it.

Q7: Will it affect ECU programming?

Shadow electronic throttle controller does not have any program coverage or replacement, so there will be no adverse reactions to the ECU. Even if the product is removed, the vehicle warranty will not be affected.

[ The way to eliminate the check engine light. ] Improper installation and operation will cause the check engine light to turn on. Please according to the following methods to solve the problem.

1. The engine and turn off the engine in the normal way, it will be automatically eliminated after a few times.
2. If the lighting problem cannot be eliminated by using the first method, please disconnect the negative terminal of the battery for 10 minutes and then connect it back.
3. If the first and second methods do not eliminate the lighting problem, please use a dedicated machine to check the car circuit and eliminate the fault light.

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