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Shadow OBD2 Digital Electronic Meter II

【New product】OBD2 Digital Electronic Meter II

2022/03/09 Shadow
Shadow OBD2 Digital Electronic Meter II
Shadow OBD2 Digital Electronic Meter II

After nine years, Shadow is going to launch the second-generation of OBD2 digital electronic meter at the end of April. The Microchip central processing unit is used in this time, and the processing speed is 10.2 times higher than the previous generation. The driving information display speed is greatly increased. It can also detect 10 items of driving data and provide various information to help drivers monitor driving conditions.

The Improvement and Evolution of Shadow D-Meter II.

Shadow combines the feedback from customers and our own experiences to upgrade and adjust product functions which let D-meter II be able to measure multiple data and support more vehicle types. The D-meter II can not only monitor basic information such as boost, voltage and water temperature, but also monitor air-fuel ratio and DSG transmission data. The DSG transmission shifts quickly and the temperature is high. It can be detected at any time through D-Meter II to maintain driving safety.

Shadow D-meter II is modern and practical.

In addition to the upgrade of product functions, Shadow also gives the D-meter II a technological appearance. It adopts unique hidden buttons and adds seven-color atmosphere light design. The lights will follow the vehicle to make dynamic changes when you step on the accelerator and remind the driver by flashing and changing lights. We combine lighting, vehicle and driving together to give the driver a deep sense of the driving conditions changes through sight and touch. This is how we bring our products to life! The OLED display used in the D-meter II greatly improves data identification. Compared with products with LCD screen on the market, the data display is no longer disturbed by light, and it is clearer at night.

The break through and upgrade in D-Meter II.

This time, the all-round evolution of the D-meter II will benefit all the drivers with a new look. For Shadow, this is a major breakthrough in functional design. We will not stop innovating.

Know you the best

SHADOW will not only be a pronoun of global automotive electronics products in the future, but also a good partner for modified car owners! Let more people experience the pleasure and convenience of modified vehicles through SHADOW's products!


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