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OBD2 Diagnostic Multi-Functional Display

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Based in Taiwan, AUTO JAW CO., LTD., since 2004, is a racing gauge and automobile meter manufacturer in the automotive electronics industry. Main product, including Racing Gauge, Boost Gauge, Electronic Throttle Controller, Digital Electronic Boost Controller, Chip Tuning, Turbo Timer, OLED Multi Display, OBD2 Digital Display and so forth.

99.43% in product yield rate, major in automotive electronic modification and reverse engineering. All automobile meters and gauges are manufactured with a series of tests, ranging from environmental simulation test, accuracy correction, actual vehicle test, programming test and assembly test.

Shadow has been offering customers high-quality Racing Gauges & Automobile Meters since 2004, both with advanced technology and 16 years of experience, Shadow ensures each customer's demands are met.

OBD2 Diagnostic Multi-Functional Display

OBD2 Digital Multi Meter

OBD2 Multi-Functional Display Offer two light versions to choose from.
OBD2 Multi-Functional Display Offer two light versions to choose from.

OBD2 diagnostic Multi-Functional Display is plug and play. It can quickly reads data from the ECU through the Controller Area Network (also called CAN or CAN bus) and use a 16MHz processing core to display current driving information at the maximum rate. OBD2 diagnostic Multi-Functional Display screen is composed of a 7-segment display and LED, which can set multiple groups of warning values. When the data reaches the setting value, it will be warned by flashing. It can flash 6 groups of information at the same time.

OBD2 diagnostic Multi-Functional Display has a size of 5.8 x 2.5cm, which can be integrated into the vehicle interior to save space. The two color versions of significant blue and orange greatly increase the data recognition function. It can provide the data of boost, exhaust temperature, intake temperature, water temperature, voltage, speed and RPM.

the display used the metal frame.


  • Use 16MHz processing core to read the data from ECU quickly.
  • OBD2 connector is plug and play.
  • The display screen is composed of 7-segment display and LED.
  • It can set various groups of warning value and flashing 6 group of information at the same time.
  • The OBD2 digital multi-function meter has a size of 5.8 x 2.5cm, which can be integrated into the vehicle interior to save space.
  • Blue light and orange light are available for customer to choose. It can increase the data recognition function significantly.
D-meter has feature of NO DAMAGE to vehicle


Standard diagnostic connectors for modern vehicles provide various driving information and data. The OBD2 diagnostic multi-function display is developed to quickly and save time to retrieve driving computer information. The high-speed processor quickly feeds back and calculates vehicle signals. Display data such as turbo, exhaust temperature, intake temperature, water temperature, voltage, speed, RPM and throttle opening.

D-meter lite has multi function to display 5 model
D-meter is small and easy to install around your steering wheel


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