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Trouble Shooting - Electronic Racing Gauges Kit

Trouble Shooting - Electronic Racing Gauges Kit

Q1: The brightness is automatically dimmed when the racing gauge is powered on.

The automatic brightness dimming is a built-in program of the racing gauge. When the racing gauge cannot detect the sensor signal input, it will automatically activate this mode. Please check whether the sensor connector latch is indeed tight, or check whether the cable set is in a bad connection.

Q2: Why does the backlight not switch between two colors when the small light is turned on?

1. The sports meter controller of PRO3 did not make related settings. Please follow the instructions and use the sports meter controller of PRO3 to set the backlight settings before and after the small lights are turned on.

2. ILM+12V cable is not connected. Please install the ILM+12V cable in the corresponding position according to the manual and ensure that it is not easy to loosen.

Q3: Why water temperature electronic racing gauge is there an error between the measured temperature and the car OBD2 diagnostics tool?

A1: Factory temperature sensor is installed near the engine room, so the temperature has an error range about 5℃.

A2: When installing the Radiator Hose tee fittings, it is not recommended to install the sensor right on the top. Because when the liquid passes through the water pipe, there might have space occur and let the liquid can't passes through the temperature sensor then lead the temperature measurement inaccuratly.

advice to install the water temperature sensor adapter position

Q4:How to measure the engine radiator hose inner diameter? How can I know which adapter size is suitable for me?

A: First, you need to measure the outer diameter size and then minus 6mm (wall thickness) if you are Asian cars brands. For European and American car brands, please minus 8mm to get the inner diameter.

Q5: If the hose diameter is measured as 33mm, should I choose 32mm or 34mm Radiator Hose tee fittings?

A: Please choose 32mm because the water pipe has high toughness and cannot be overstretched. If you choose 34mm, you may not be able to install it smoothly. Choose the smaller 32mm, which can be fastened with an accessory hose clamps. If you encounter the similar situation, please use this suggestion to choose the corresponding accessories.

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