piggyback ecu

To enhance power of car which is always the trend what the young car owners want to seek and reach. After years of research and development, Shadow finally launches “I-Boost/D-Monster” (add-on ECU Chip). By installing special connector, it can widely raise power output of new generation petrol/Diesel fuel turbo. It makes power tuning be easy, safe. More importantly, it is definitely not necessary to worry about factory warranty. Users can uninstall “I-Boost/D-Monster” anytime when receiving maintenance check. Moreover, “I-Boost/D-Monster” is with 4 modes let users can free set Normal, Street, Sport, and Race mode; enjoy the tuning. Also controller displays current turbo boost for users to monitor engine condition and function.

i Boost - Gasoline/ Patrol TurboSW10101
D-Monster - diesel turboSW10102