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  • 【New product】Quick install kit-Boost adapter for EA211 engine
    【New product】Quick install kit-Boost adapter for EA211 engine

    EA211 engine is themainstream engine of the new generation of VAG cars. It creates brand advantages for VAG in a wide range of small displacement cars. Successfully replaced the predecessor EA111, and improved the defects of EA111. The main features are high power, low fuel consumption, and light weight.

  • 【Discover】Throttle controller of Tesla Model 3
    【Discover】Throttle controller of Tesla Model 3

    Since Tesla was put on sale in the car market, the performance of electric vehicles has always been the focus of car fans. Coupled with the new energy concept and various cool technology blessings, Tesla's reputation and sales have skyrocketed in recent years.

  • 【Exhibition】AMPA Show in Taipei 2021 - Shadow is about to show new product concepts.
    【Exhibition】AMPA Show in Taipei 2021

    Taipei AMPA will be held at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1 (TaiNEX 1) 1F from 14th April to 17th April, last for four days. As an exhibitor, Auto Jaw Co., Ltd. will display its Shadow series products at booth J0401.Shadow products focus on auto parts in the aftermarket. The products use on-board electronic display systems to monitor vehicles and provide users with accurate and valuable information. As for electronic control products, they are used to adjust vehicle power or performance to achieve not only safe and reliable product appeals but also improve personal needs.Product Manager Steven said "With the mass popularization and development of mobile devices, it is necessary to import the products into the user context." The technical focal point in 2021 is CAN BUS communication technology. It is faster to transmit by CAN bus communication signal. Combining Internet of Things to upload and download vehicle information and send it to the mobile device for the user to quickly grasp the current vehicle condition and make an appropriate response or warranty. We aim to closely combine individuals, devices and Shadow products.In order to realize CAN bus combined with product development, R&D resources will be imported to evaluate upgrade requirements for software and hardware.

  • 【Exhibition】AIT Modification Car Show in 2019 - Shadow in AIT Modification Car Show.
    【Exhibition】AIT Modification Car Show in 2019

    It is the annual event of modified car in Guangzhou, China. In addition to exhibiting modified vehicles, manufacturers of modified upgrade kits are also invited. Shadow also went to the exhibition to expose its brand image.

  • 【Exhibition】AMPA Show in Taipei 2019 - Shadow in Taipei AMPA 2019.
    【Exhibition】AMPA Show in Taipei 2019

    Taiwan's largest auto parts exhibition that is always attract buyers from all over the world come to purchase and discuss for product cooperation. Shadow exhibited PRO3 series racing gauges with a unique appearance this year, which is definitely an avant-garde concept design in the racing gauge market.

  • 【Exhibition】AIT Modification Car Show in 2018 - Shadow in ALL IN TUNNING 2018.
    【Exhibition】AIT Modification Car Show in 2018

    It is the annual event of modified car in Guangzhou, China. In addition to exhibiting modified vehicles, manufacturers of modified upgrade kits are also invited. Shadow also went to the exhibition to expose its brand image and promoted the products.

  • 【Exhibition】Automechanika Frankfurt in 2018 - Shadow in Automechanika 2018.
    【Exhibition】Automechanika Frankfurt in 2018

    Automechanika is the most important professional exhibition of auto parts, maintenance and testing equipment and service supplies in the auto industry. Shadow is actively expands overseas markets.

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Based in Taiwan since 2004, AUTO JAW CO., LTD. has been a professional manufacturer of automotive electronic gauges in the race car industry. It's main race car gauges include, digital dashboard displays, digital electronic boost controllers, turbo boost racing gauges, boost pressure sensor adapters, boost oil pressure adapters, water temperature sensor gauges, electronic throttle controllers, boost reference adapters, with 99.43% product yield rate, major in automotive electronic modification and reverse engineering. All automotive gauges and instruments are manufactured with a series of tests, ranging from environmental simulation test, accuracy correction, actual vehicle test, programming test and assembly test.

With 20 years of professional R&D and manufacturing of automotive electronic modification products, creating highly cost-effective products. Shadow has been offering our customers high quality Car Meter, Auto Meters, Auto Gauges, shadow gauge, shadow motor, Sport Meter, Shadow Pro2 Gauge, Electronic Controller System, OBD2 Digital Meter Lite, Tubro Timer, VOLT Systems since 2000. With both advanced technology and 17 years experience, Shadow always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

Shadow has been providing customers with high performance race car electronics gauges since 2004, both with advanced technology and 20 years of experience, Shadow ensures that each customer's needs are met.