【New product】VAG EA888 GEN3 BOOST SENSOR ADAPTER | Oil Pressure Adaptor | Boost Sensor Adaptor Manufacturer | Shadow

【New product】VAG EA888 GEN3 BOOST SENSOR ADAPTER | Shadow has top R&D technology and one-stop R&D management process.


2023/03/27 Shadow
VAG EA888 GEN3 Quick Install Boost Sensor Adapter

The EA888 GEN3 engine, which has been strengthened for three generations, is a very popular 2.0 modified engine. Its cast iron body and equipped with dual injection systems represent that it has a modification potential that cannot be underestimated.
Therefore, when the turbo engine is modified to increase power, it is very important to be able to monitor the boost value in real time.

Must Equipped For Boost Gauge

To install a turbo meter, you must install a vacuum tube on the intake manifold to obtain a pressure source. Shadow’s newly developed VAG EA888 GEN3 adapter is connected to the original intake manifold reserved hole. The installation is simple and fast. It is the best choice and indispensable accessory when installing a turbo meter.

EA888 GEN3 boost adapter install finish

VAG EA888 GEN3 is widely equipped and supports all models

From Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda, Porsche to Seat, including Golf GTI, Golf R, Tiguan, Passat, S3, S4, A6, A7, Q5, TT, Octavia RS, SuperB, etc., all of them are models equipped with EA888 GEN3. Benefiting from the sharing resources of the group, the installing environment of the entire series of EA888 GEN3 is similar. This quick connected turbo pressure adapter launched by Shadow can be used on all above mentioned models.

EA888 GEN3 boost adapter 2

Made of composite material, stable, durable and airtight

The newly launched VAG EA888 GEN3 turbo pressure adapter, the body is made of composite materials of aluminum alloy and polyoxymethylene resin, and uses double-layer reinforced O-rings and reinforced buckles, which have the advantages of high rigidity, high temperature and high pressure resistance. It has been tested that it can withstand a high temperature of 175゜C and a gas pressure of 5.0BAR. Even if you normally hit a high boost of more than 2.0BAR, you can still remain unmoved and stick to your post.

The original intake manifold has reserved holes for installation

EA888 GEN3 boost adapter parts

Different from the turbo pressure adapter that is connected to the intake manifold Map Sensor, the VAG EA888 GEN3 turbo pressure adapter with quick connection design uses the reserved hole of the original intake manifold for installation.
The adapter kit includes dedicated screws for tapping holes. When installing, you only need to use this screws to tap the holes, and then buckle the adapter to complete the installation.


Step1. Find the EA888 GEN3 original intake manifold reserved holes

EA888 GEN3 boost adapter install step1

Step2. Punch hole with attached screws

/EA888 GEN3 boost adapter install step2

Step3. Tap with a hammer to the rubber base

EA888 GEN3 boost adapter install step3

Step4. Buckle the adapter to complete installation

EA888 GEN3 boost adapter install step4

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【New product】VAG EA888 GEN3 BOOST SENSOR ADAPTER | Oil Pressure Adaptor | Boost Sensor Adaptor Manufacturer | Shadow

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