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Engine Cooling Fan Controller

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Engine Cooling Fan Controller Supplier | Shadow

Based in Taiwan, AUTO JAW CO., LTD., since 2004, is a racing gauge and automobile meter manufacturer in the automotive electronics industry. Main product, including Racing Gauge, Boost Gauge, Electronic Throttle Controller, Digital Electronic Boost Controller, Chip Tuning, Turbo Timer, OLED Multi Display, OBD2 Digital Display and so forth.

99.43% in product yield rate, major in automotive electronic modification and reverse engineering. All automobile meters and gauges are manufactured with a series of tests, ranging from environmental simulation test, accuracy correction, actual vehicle test, programming test and assembly test.

Shadow has been offering customers high-quality Racing Gauges & Automobile Meters since 2004, both with advanced technology and 16 years of experience, Shadow ensures each customer's demands are met.

Engine Cooling Fan Controller

Engine Cooling Fan Controller

Engine Cooling Fan Controller can Coolant Engine Fastly.
Engine Cooling Fan Controller can Coolant Engine Fastly.

Engine Cooling Fan Controller is equipped with two channels of sensors which can detect the temperature of cooling water temperature and lubricating oil temperature. It is displayed by a seven-segments display with a 1/8NPT temperature sensor.

Engine Cooling Fan Controller can be set up from 70°C ~ 100°C and also can set the warning value memory function. A warning light will show up once it reached the setting value and drive the 12V DC relay to conduct current then turn on the engine cooling fan, it will stop operating when the temperature is lower 5°C than the specified temperature.

Engine cooling fan controller can operate before 105°C earlier than the original vehicle fan in order to increase the engine heat dissipation efficiency. It can keep the parts of the vehicle engine room below 100°C which can prevent the components from cracking or aging due to high temperature.


  • AUTO JAW extracts the cooling fan of the original vehicle for product development. We know that the cooling system of plays an important role in the safety and performance of the vehicle. Engine cooling fan controller does not require excessive disassembly and modification of the engine parts of the vehicle. It only needs to insert a temperature sensor and connect the control element to the fan of original vehicle to start the heat dissipation before the original setting and increase the heat dissipation rate to 43%. It is suitable for all 12V vehicles.


  • Engine cooling fan controller can be controlled to start at 70°C ~ 100°C.
  • Monitor water temperature, oil temperature and voltage at the same time.
  • Warning set with number flashing as warning signal.


Power Cable50cm
Control Box - Relay Cable180cm
Relay- Fan Cable180cm
Sensor Cable190cm


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