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radiator fan controller to dissipate heat early to avoid overheating | Shadow has top R&D technology and one-stop R&D management process.

[Product ] Engine Cooling Fan Controller

2024/03/05 Shadow
radiator fan controller to dissipate heat early to avoid overheating
radiator fan controller to dissipate heat early to avoid overheating

The cooling of the engine directly affects its lifespan, and inadvertent overheating can cause damage to the engine. In harsh operating environments such as track days, rally events, or even daily driving, it is essential to monitor the engine temperature closely. By installing the Shadow Engine Cooling Fan Controller, you can maintain the engine temperature at an ideal level, reduce load, improve horsepower fatigue, and keep the engine and air conditioning in optimal condition.

Ensuring air flow efficiency is the basis for heat dissipation

The radiator relies on airflow for cooling, and there are various methods to enhance cooling efficiency. Firstly, using a normal concentration of radiator coolant and keeping the radiator fins clean are crucial. If the radiator fins are excessively dirty, it will directly result in poor cooling efficiency. Hardware modifications can include installing a low-temperature thermostat, a larger capacity radiator, upgrading the fan motor, etc., for further enhancement.

20240301 fan temp controller display in impreza

Timely Temperature Control for Peace of Mind

The Engine Cooling Fan Controller features built-in voltage display and comes with two temperature sensors for engine and oil temperature detection, adhering to the standard 1/8PT thread specification. The temperature sensor can be installed by drilling into the engine's iron water pipe or using a tee fitting with the water pipe. The oil temperature sensor can be installed by drilling into the oil pan or using an oil filter adapter.

20240301 fan temp controller spec

The fan activation and deactivation are determined by the engine t emperature sensor, with the temperature trigger set between 70 to 100 degrees Celsius. Once the set temperature is reached, the fan continues cooling until the temperature drops five degrees below the set value before stopping, operating in a continuous cycle.

20240301 fan temp controller spec

Wide Compatibility, Immediate Effectiveness

The fan controller is compatible with 12V vehicles. When the fan activation conditions are met, a 12V signal is sent to the relay, which then triggers the connection between the negative and positive terminals of the vehicle's stock cooling fan. It is ideal for installation in older vehicles, but incompatible with newer vehicles that utilize variable resistors and PWM signal modules.

20240301 fan temp controller output

If suitable installation positions for the engine temperature sensor cannot be found, a tee fitting needs to be purchased, and the water pipe needs to be cut for installation. For the oil temperature sensor, it is recommended to install it using an oil filter adapter onto the engine to obtain oil temperature data closer to the internal engine temperature.

20230301 shadow water adaptor install

20240301 fan temp controller specification

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[Product ] Engine Cooling Fan Controller | Oil Pressure Adaptor | Boost Sensor Adaptor Manufacturer | Shadow

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