SHADOW auto OLED FD Multi function Display

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The large OLED display panel has high contrast, high brightness, and provides great resolution, while the water blue font makes it totally futuristic.
4 in one display feature enable the device to show 4 sets of car status info all at the same time.
Built-in HUD function enables you to read the info more easily by keeping your head up
Adapting external sensor to collecting data, help feed back the information faster, more accurate and with less error.
The device corresponds to multiple temperature and pressure sensors, so you can mix and match as you wish.
The device has built-in warning, peak recording, unit switching, and multi displaying modes that you can choose.
The intuitive UI operating interface help you use and get familiar with fast and easily.
The sleek and smooth aluminum frame makes the device feels and looks like a boutique
The design of separating display and control units makes it super easily to hide the wires.
SHADOW auto OLED FD Multi function Display