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2.4 T24A-FTS Engine in Lexus NX 350 F-sport | Shadow has top R&D technology and one-stop R&D management process.

[Product] Newly Power benchmark – LEXUS NX350 F sport x I-BOOST tuning box

2024/07/05 Shadow
2.4 T24A-FTS Engine in Lexus NX 350 F-sport
2.4 T24A-FTS Engine in Lexus NX 350 F-sport

With the trend of small displacement and environmental protection regulations, the 2GR series of NA models used by TOYOTA/LEXUS in the past have been gradually replaced by new generation turbine engines.

NX350 F Sport is equipped with the new Lexus 2.4 T24A-FTS fuel direct injection turbine engine. The original power output is nearly 280 hp and 43Kgm, which is not inferior to the previous V6 3.5NA engine. If the IBOOST tuning box is added, it will be even better. How much more performance can be released?

LEXUS NX350F_iboost  (2)

After tuning on the dynamometer, the sense of acceleration is significantly improved.

Test vehicle type: LEXUS NX350 F-sport (all original)

STOCK: 262hp / 40kgm➡︎I-BOOST: 309hp / 43kgm

LEXUS NX350F_iboost1 vs stock

- **Improved power performance across the board**: With the D-4ST internal and external dual-injection fuel supply system, the original designer has created excellent power and fuel efficiency. Our IBOOST tuning box, through precise adjustment, can not only maintain the original linear power curve, but also improve the overall performance to new heights.
- **Stable and linear continuous output**: Thanks to the displacement and good turbine design, considerable torque can be released at low speeds, and the power can continue to increase until the fuel is cut off without any decline. Whether it is the instant acceleration of overtaking or further acceleration on the highway, you can feel the increase in horsepower and torque, and any driving situation will bring full driving pleasure.R3

The I-BOOST Tuning box prioritizes durability and safety and does not reprogram the original ECU.

The i-BOOST tuning box uses a plug-and-play harness set to connect the MAP Sensor and the Boost Sensor to optimize the signal and stabilize the boost value, and operates under the original factory's protection mechanism.

It can be dismantled and restored to its original state at any time when necessary, without affecting the original factory warranty and without taking the risk of ECU reflush upgrade, giving you no worries.

iboost tuning box 20240705


Enhance Power While Keeping Factory Hardware Intact

The appeal of I-BOOST tuning box lies in achieving minor power enhancements while preserving factory settings. Therefore, Shadow Motor strives to develop primarily on brand-new vehicles with entirely original components.

Modern vehicles are equipped with sophisticated ECU monitoring to comply with emission regulations. Consequently, the ECU rigorously controls the air-fuel ratio for fuel delivery and intake efficiency. Detection of significant deviations in long-term and short-term fuel trims, as well as anomalies in intake pressure and airflow, often triggers restrictions such as pressure locking as proactive protective measures.

Given these factors, the direction and complexity of modifying new vehicles differ from traditional modification practices. Instead, maintaining factory hardware offers a relatively straightforward and balanced approach for achieving minor power gains, ensuring durability, and considering long-term vehicle use.

2022 LEXUS NX350F_iboost  (1)

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[Product] Newly Power benchmark – LEXUS NX350 F sport x I-BOOST tuning box | Oil Pressure Adaptor | Boost Sensor Adaptor Manufacturer | Shadow

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