【Product Introduction】DEBC II electronic boost controller | Oil Pressure Adaptor | Boost Sensor Adaptor Manufacturer | Shadow

Shadow developed electronic boost controller system for turbine engine - DEBC2 | Shadow has top R&D technology and one-stop R&D management process.

【Product Introduction】DEBC II electronic boost controller

2023/06/26 Shadow
Shadow developed electronic boost controller system for turbine engine - DEBC2
Shadow developed electronic boost controller system for turbine engine - DEBC2

When modifying a turbo car, the first thing that comes to mind is to safely increase the turbo pressure. If you like turbo cars, you must have heard of various turbo controllers such as HKS EVC, Greddy profec, etc.

This time I will introduce the electronic boost controller independently developed by Shadow - DEBC2. We use many years of electronic control technology to upgrade the software and hardware again, allowing car owners to set up more freely.

What is so great about the DEBC2 electronic boost controller?

DEBC2 INTERIOR2_20230626

Refuse overpressure! Boost sensor monitors at any time!

Compared with the principle of mechanical boost controller that leaks air when the pressure is too high, the electronic boost controller can set the timing of forced pressure relief. When the sensor reads that the pressure exceeds the set value, it will trigger the solenoid valve to release the pressure, so as to protect the engine immediately. Avoid any possibility of overpressure.

DEBC2 Connection example

The timing of intervention can be adjusted at will

Each engine is equipped with a different turbo, and its boost characteristics and output timing are different. Whether your car has an stock turbo, a larger turbo or even an NA engine modified a turbo, DEBC2 can adjust the timing of intervention according to different hardware settings.

DEBC2 start control_20230626

Software and hardware synchronous upgrade control is more precise

DEBC2 adopts a stable and durable Taiwan-made high-quality solenoid valve, which can operate up to 24 times per second. It also has a temperature-resistant design, which will not cause overheating and jamming. Among them, what surpasses the control ability of competing products at the same level is that the program samples the turbo pressure data 60 times per second, which is equal to the turbo data response time of 0.01 seconds, which is a response speed that even Japanese brands cannot achieve.


Simplified adjustment, multi-mode memory ready for battle at any time

DEBC2 will reduce the difficulty of adjustment, first set the "Warn warning value" and "Danger forced pressure relief value", and then adjust the "Start turbine intervention point", "Duty boost gain value", "Gain sustain pressure attenuation value", that is The output characteristics can be easily adjusted, and the memory switching can be done with the original factory/A mode/B mode.


Highly free product application humanization

*Expandable Air-Fuel Ratio meter and lean burn pressure lock protection
Support the expansion of commercially available O2 sensor or AFR sensor, and the protection mechanism can be set to perform lock-up protection when the air-fuel ratio is judged to be abnormal.


*Actuator and Wastegate dual system control
Through different pipeline layouts, the system can support different levels of modification control.

acutator & westgate install

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Know you the best

SHADOW will not only be a pronoun of global automotive electronics products in the future, but also a good partner for modified car owners! Let more people experience the pleasure and convenience of modified vehicles through SHADOW's products!


【Product Introduction】DEBC II electronic boost controller | Oil Pressure Adaptor | Boost Sensor Adaptor Manufacturer | Shadow

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