【Product Test】Release potential hard power MG HS 1.5T x Shadow i-Boost tuning box | Oil Pressure Adaptor | Boost Sensor Adaptor Manufacturer | Shadow

Shadow is tuned for the Garrett MGTB14Z variable turbo on MG HS 1.5T | Shadow has top R&D technology and one-stop R&D management process.

【Product Test】Release potential hard power MG HS 1.5T x Shadow i-Boost tuning box

2023/05/30 Shadow
Shadow is tuned for the Garrett MGTB14Z variable turbo on MG HS 1.5T
Shadow is tuned for the Garrett MGTB14Z variable turbo on MG HS 1.5T

In order to compete with hybrid cars and EV cars, the pursuit of light acceleration and responsive response is already a must for downsized turbo cars.

Therefore, the torque can be delivered and output continuously is the tuning direction of our tuning box.

It's not about how many horses you have, it's about how much you can make at any time

The owner of this MG HS 1.5T, which was entrusted by the customer to perform i-Boost tuning box tuning, said that he was not satisfied with the performance of the power after the delivery of the car, and the timing of the emergence of torque was a little later. When it is pulled high, there is plenty of acceleration power, but due to the factory warranty, the owner does not want to perform hardware modification or even rewrite the ECU, so he turned to Shadow.

After the actual road test, we also found that the problems described by the car owner will cause such a physical feeling, part of which comes from the influence of the normal driving mode preset by the original factory. The driving mode controls the throttle opening and gearbox logic. ..etc. Therefore, if the vehicle is to have sufficient acceleration, the driving mode must be set to sport or even super sport.

The other part is that the original factory will try to keep the gearbox at a high-end position for fuel economy considerations. If there is a need for overtaking, the kick-down response of the throttle deepening is not active enough.

Based on all the driving experience, under the excellent hardware, there is indeed room for improvement in the maturity of the powertrain tuning of the original factory.

Take advantage of the variable turbo to achieve a wide output plain

We put the factory new car through multiple horsepower tests, using 98 gasoline and not smoothing the curves.

Iboost vs stock in mg hs 1.5t

**Original: dotted line**

From the dyna results, it can be seen that the torque of the original factory state (dotted line) emerges at 3000rpm, and then declines immediately. It does not rise again until 4200rpm, and then continues to decline; the peak horsepower is at 4300rpm.

**i-Boost : solid line**

After the intervention of the i-Boost tuning box, the torque increased by 4 kgm, reached the maximum at 2600rpm ahead of schedule, and maintained the output as much as possible; the peak torque of the second stage also appeared 400 rpm earlier, shortening the range of the two stages of torque, and also Let the horsepower form a plateau before 4000 rpm, and continue to extend.

Different from the output mode of the traditional turbo engine, we adjust the characteristics of the small displacement engine and the variable turbo, and reinforce the low-to-medium speed range for daily use, so that the overlapping timing of torque and horsepower will be earlier and longer (red area piece)

MG HS1.5T_engine

The increase in torque is the source of acceleration

After verifying the overall performance improvement with full load on the dynamometer, the actual road test is also carried out. The log confirms that the ignition and AFR are within the normal range, and the engine check light will not be triggered.

Judging by the boost gauge, the holding pressure in the original factory state is not very stable, and the torque peaks of the two stages are far apart. After i-Boost optimization, the change of instantaneous pressure and holding pressure is smaller, shortening the distance between the two torque peaks.

MG HS road test

Installing the i-Boost tuning box does not need to change any hardware or rewrite the ECU, so there is no need to worry about the warranty.

MG HS install iboost piggyback

Now this MG HS 1.5T is different from the original state. After optimizing the boost curve, it not only has stronger momentum, but also improves the output response of the engine. I think this is the performance that this car should have.

MG HS in shadow dyna 2

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【Product Test】Release potential hard power MG HS 1.5T x Shadow i-Boost tuning box | Oil Pressure Adaptor | Boost Sensor Adaptor Manufacturer | Shadow

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