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The zero-frictiono super high speed brushless motor makes the incator silently and acutrately run to a ultra high speed of 1200 rad/s.
The American major manufacturer made chip, precisely collects every information and quickly motivate the indcator to reflect the real-time vehicle status
Our auto grade turbo pressure sensor has the German standard long life and acurate qulities in oil and temperature resistances.
The boutique like appearance is built with the innovative hidden gauge holder which is perfectly integrated inside the aluminum frame, and with the precisely diamond cut edge.
Based on the OE factory made gauge, we add 12LEDs with dual-color LED backlight module to the major scale to make it much clearer and much easier to read.
There are 12 steps adjustment in brightness. The intensity of lihgt will decrease automatically while the samll lamps are turned on. No glaring for you while drinving at night.
All sensor connectors are equipped with water and weather resistant desgin. No worry for sever weather.
The gauge runs self diagnostic program function while the system is switched on and off and while the sensor is disconnected. It also contains a warining setup functionThe in-series power connected function is reserved to help save more installtion time.Shadow Classic Racing GaugeShadow Classic Racing Gauge